Accubator Group is looking for driven entrepreneurs who are convinced of having the best idea that will rock the world. Application with cutting edge technologies. In that case we like to invite you to get in contact with us.


Our strategy has 3 fases starting:
1) determine the goal
2)assesing the revenue model
3) building the businesscase


Whenever we decide to collaborate with a company, we do this in a combination with other investors or doing it ourselves. In return we will ask for a minority share, so the entrepreneur will keep the control. 


With our team we make sure  that your idea is going to be executed within reasonable time. We keep focus on the development and time scedule, so you, as an entrepreneur, can keep all eyes on the next steps to take, taking them the best way possible. Along the way we frequently evaluate the process so far and to come.

Accubator Group B.V. is an international web-based internet investor.

An investor with a lot of substantive expertise through knowledge and finding investors matching the gap between the investor and the internet entrepreneur. We are an organization of enthusiastic, young hip entrepreneurs to become a nice platform with huge growth plans.

Accubator Group B.V. develops their own projects such as Euro2Deal, a daily offer site that will be rolled out all over the world. We are also developing other projects such as an affiliate website and several other new projects. Our newest project launched late 2013 is iTwyc.com a Multi-Channel Feedback platform.

Accubator Group B.V. strives to be an “incubator and accelerator” for web-based companies. Making use of founders, operators and investors for young start-ups as well as companies which in a early stage and need to grow and evolve into a market-transforming company. We have investors on one side and have knowledge on the other combined with new innovative ideas.

Why contact?

Do you have a proposition or are you an entrepreneur we’re looking for?

We like to have a clear and brief business plan including realized and projected earnings. This can be sent to info@accubatorgroup.com. Within a few days we will contact you for whether or not to make an appointment to come along with you and to hear more about your company.